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Kalib Starnes

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PostSubject: CUTTHROAT KOWASHI   Thu Apr 23, 2009 6:30 pm

Quote :
Mixed martial-arts journalist Brady Fletcher catches a quick interview with Japanese import, Chizuko ‘CUTTHROAT’ Kowashi. Standing by with Kowashi was his translator, Darren Wade.

BF: Well Kowashi, first and foremost, how have you been?

Chizuko would speak in fluent Japanese, as Wade would follow up with the translation.

CK/DW: I’m doing well- I’m doing well. You?

BF: I’m fine, thank you for asking. Now, Kowashi, this is your first time on American soil, correct?

CK/DW: Correct.

BF: And how does that feel? I mean, you are coming off a three [3] fight winning streak against some of the top competitors in Japan. I mean, Bunmei Inada, Hajime Genba, and lets not forget that fourteen [14] second knock-out of Rashard Jones. All of those guys were just a couple of fights shy of a title bout, and you just managed to completely rip through them all. And, just as you were beginning to gain some recognition by the Japanese audience and media, you up and leave for the States’- where you are, literally, a no body to the American public? The question is, why?

CK/DW: Well, you have to look at it from my view point. While I was part of Ultimate Japan Shooto, granted, I did more than hold my own. After I had beaten Rashard, I had media all over me and I had people asking me for my autograph for the first time. It was actually kind of weird [laughs]. I would go out to night clubs with my buddies, we would drink and have a great time, and all of a sudden I would get mobbed by drunk fans trying to get pictures and autographs. However, I will not deny, I enjoyed the attention [smiles]. But, I would go back to the gym, and Master Funabashi would tell me that pretty soon I would hit the ceiling of Japanese mixed martial arts. He would say that most of Japan‘s best martial artist have gone over to America to train and fight because the competition there is so unreal. Now, at the time my contract was up with UJS and I was contemplating on if I was going to return or not, because I was getting some offers from some other organizations. And, that’s when I got the call from FIGHT!. When I heard it was based in America, and after I talked it over with Master Funabashi, we found that it would the right career move to go to the States’.

BF: And, what is it like working with a legend such as Funabashi? I mean, he is to Japan as to what the Gracie’s are to Brazil.

CK/DW: Yeah, he is great. I have learned so much from him since he took me under his wing three [3] years ago. Without him, to be honest, I would probably be sitting in a cublicle somewhere [chuckles].

BF: [Chuckles] And, that would be a big waste of talent. Now, seeing as you are here, and Funabashi is in Japan- who are you training with?

CK/DW: I’m actually working out of Paramount Fight Club in Los, Angeles.

BF: Oh, really? Some big names have came from that camp. Jessie Wynn, Jorge Hinojosa

CK/DW: Yeah, I’ve actually trained with both of those guys- real good guys.

BF: Alright, alright… Now, from what I hear, FIGHT!’s talent pool is looking pretty stacked- especially in your division. I mean, when you got a guys like Richie Eamon and Dane Kinsley in your weight class, it's safe to say that the middleweight division will be far from ordinary. How do you think you stack up against the competition?

CK/DW: Well, I feel that all of these guys are no more than just strikers. And, in the past, I’ve shown that I can put the strikers to rest. I feel that my wrestling is better, my jitsu’ is better, my clinch is better, everything about my game is better. If anything, I'm probably one of the most completely fighters on the entire roster... and, I'm only getting better.

BF: Jeez, and I thought the way you fought, already, was great. And, you say your getting better? Holy crap!

CK/DW: [Laughs] In this sport you have to stay on top, therefore I have to polish my game. Whether I believe I have the best ground game in the business, or even the best stand up, you still have to keep making it better and better so that it stays the best.

BF: Alright, well thank you for your time Kowashi.

CK/DW: My pleasure.

Brady first shakes Kowashi’s hand, and then Wade’s.

BF: Good luck.
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