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 An Introduction To: Jeremy "The Sensation" Brown

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Jeremy Brown
Kalib Starnes

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PostSubject: An Introduction To: Jeremy "The Sensation" Brown   Fri Apr 24, 2009 6:58 pm

Jeremy Brown, the most notable trainee of the Phoenix Training Camp (Memphis, Tennessee), is poised to make his FIGHT! debut at FIGHT! Of Their Lives 1 against Dane "Banger" Kinsley. Kinsley's well-known striker out of Chicago, but who is the 4-2 Muay Thai fighter he'll be sharing the cage with this weekend?

"The Sensation" got his start in the art of Tae Kwan Do, training in a local Memphis dojo. Unhappy with the way his training progressed, he turned to the tutelage of Dayvone Khan, the head of the Mixed Martial Arts section of the Phoenix Training Camp, which also trains amateur and professional wrestlers. Khan immediately noticed the skill of Brown's strikes, particularly in his knees, and began pushing him in a training regimen that focused on leg strength, leading to not only Jeremy's knees being feared weapons, but giving him a dimension of kicks that served him well in several national tournaments.

His professional MMA debut came in a April 2008 Kentucky event (MMA not being legal in the state of Tennessee until January 2009), where he was victorious by TKO. Since then he's been generally exceptional in his fights, save for two he took on short notice, suffering a decision loss and a submission loss. In late January 2009, Jeremy became part of the first major MMA event in the state of Tennessee, winning in a spectacular second round KO via jumping knee strike. The buzz surrounding "The Sensation" resulted in his being offered a contract as part of FIGHT!
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An Introduction To: Jeremy "The Sensation" Brown
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