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 Rising Stars of MMA: Dane Kinsley

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PostSubject: Rising Stars of MMA: Dane Kinsley   Wed May 20, 2009 12:32 pm

RISING STARS OF MMA: Dane "Banger" Kinsley

Coming off an outstanding debut Fight of the Night with Jeremy Brown at FIGHT! MMA's debut event, the now 15-6 Dane Kinsley looks to continue where he left off with his dominating knockout victory as he prepares for Japanese wrestler Chizuko Kowashi in a bout to determine the promotions first championship.

The Chicago native is known for his devastating combination of accuracy and power, as well as his elite athleticism and willingness to stand and trade with his opponent even at the expense of taking damage himself. All of this makes for one of the most exciting young fighters in the world today.

It wasn't all highlight reel knockouts for the 25 year old though. Just a few short years ago, the kid from the Second City had serious doubts about whether or not the fight game was for him when he suffered 3 consecutive losses in a row by submission to compile a woeful 3-6 start to his career (4 by submission, 2 unanimous decisions).

Kinsley on the early days: "When I got started, I didn't know what the hell I was doin'. I wasn't a wrestler, sure wasn't a Jits guy, and I didn't have much of a defense to go along with a pretty mediocre stand up game. I was just a pretty good athlete out there swinging like an idiot, no technique, no game plan, just get in there and try and hit some before they could expose my lack of anything resembling a real fighter."

While Kinsley contemplated giving up after a third round submission in his third consecutive loss, he was spotted by Tristan Howard who runs the American Fighter Institute, one of the top up and coming camps in the Midwest. According to Howard, he had seen Kinsley's previous fights and believed he had talent for fighting, he just needed guidance.

Kinsley on joining AFI: "It was a big shock to the system. Before I joined Howard's camp training was hanging out at the gym and not really getting anything accomplished, but then you get into an actual gym where you got lifers who've been in the boxing and MMA business forever. It was pretty much get it right or get beaten until they got bored and told you to go home."

The transition certainly paid off for Kinsley who spent the next year in training. It was during this time that Kinsley's striking improved greatly, but it was his trademark defense that got better by leaps and bounds. As he continued to learn and refine, he became harder to takedown or even hit.

Kinsley on his training: "I like to compare that time to Jesus turning water into wine, only my coaches turned sewage into wine. By the time they were done turning me into an actual fighter, who could at least get into a cage and not be an embarrassment, the difference was night and day. There were days where I wasn't even allowed to engage, the whole time would be spent on defense."

By the time Kinsley's boot camp had finished he was put back on the market to seek opportunities. The 1-3 Kinsley was underestimated, his reputation as a wild uneducated brawler had been made, but he was looking to publish a new book in his career that told a much different story.

Kinsley on the New Kinsley: "It was amazing to be honest. I began racking up knockouts over guys who would have made me their girlfriend inside of two rounds if I was lucky. The first fight a lot of people thought was a fluke, but then you get that second win, that third win, and suddenly people are taking you seriously."

With every fight Kinsley's confidence grew and his skills became increasingly sharper, quicker, and stronger. Although his coaches still think he should apply more caution along with more of a ground game as an offensive option.

Kinsley on his trademark style: "I just flat out like to stand and bang... And when I say that, I don't say it for effect like some guys do. I don't say all that and then when it's time to fight, turtle up like a bitch by becoming a 10th degree master of 'Fight Not to Lose Kung Fu'. I'll gladly stand toe to toe with a guy and let 'em fly, 'cause I've said it once and I'll say it again - I'd rather lose a great fight than grind out some boring ass decision out of fear of getting caught."
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Rising Stars of MMA: Dane Kinsley
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