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 Sherdog Piece

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Demarcus Jones
Kalib Starnes

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PostSubject: Sherdog Piece   Mon Jun 15, 2009 1:56 pm

After speaking with Scott Jerald about his upcoming fight we were able to catch up with Demarcus Jones and find out what he thought about the comments made by Scott Jerald. He had this to say:

Demarcus Jones: "My upcoming fight should be a good fight. Two competitors ready to smash fist and bloody someone up. Scott talks alot about how he is going to bust my face up with his ground and pound but what he fails to realize is that I like being on my back and its the best spot in the house. I have a very extenzive BJJ background and I plan on using it if it goes to the ground. The fans are instore for a real treat and should be the best match of the night. Scott better not blink or underestimate me for one second cause if he does then it will be lights out I promise. Well that's enough talking time to let my skills settle this come July 5th!"

From the looks of things it seems this fight is shaping up to be a good fight and maybe on of the highlight fights of the night. Strong words by both competitors. I can't wait to see this fight.
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Sherdog Piece
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