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 The Risk and Reward of Dane Kinsley

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PostSubject: The Risk and Reward of Dane Kinsley   Wed Apr 29, 2009 5:13 pm

There is little doubt that Dane Kinsley has arrived with his outstanding second round knockout of America Muay Thai prospect Jeremy Brown. What has been most highlighted is Kinsley's impressive three knockdowns before finally putting Brown to sleep late in the second round. What doesn't get much publicity amidst the precision performance by his opponent was Brown's knockdown of Kinsley in the latter moments of the first round. Certainly it didn't effect Kinsley en route to his Fight of the Night victory, but it shows that in spite of his brilliant display of striking accuracy and power that he can put on the mat.

When asked about the knockdown and if it concerned him or would have an impact on how he approaches fights in the future, Kinsley had this to say. "It doesn't, really. I mean look, I'm a fighter and I know there are plenty of guys out there who get all big until they get tagged. Then they become 10th degree black belts of Fight Not to Lose Kung Fu. Well, that ain't me and ain't ever gonna be me. My style is pretty simple, keep moving forward and looking for the finish, because if there is anything I am afraid of it's going letting it fall to a judges decision. Does that mean I'll get tagged? Sure does, but if I'd rather lose a great fight than a win a boring one."
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The Risk and Reward of Dane Kinsley
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