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 Sherdog Interview

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Demarcus Jones
Kalib Starnes

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PostSubject: Sherdog Interview   Sherdog Interview EmptyTue Jun 30, 2009 11:37 am

The camera comes on inside the home of Demarcus Jones. As the camera is filming, Demarcus is sitting next to Sherdog interviewer Alexis Milan. The camera zooms in to start the interview:

Alexis Milan: "Hi we are here with newly acquired MMA fighter Demarcus Jones who has a upcoming fight July 5th against Scott Jerald. Demarcus are you at all nervous about your upcoming debut fight?"

Camera pans over to Demarcus

Demarcus Jones: "Nervous, not at all, but I'm very anxious to showcase my talent in the octagon. I have dreamed of fighting infront of thousand of fans and Scott I guess you will have to be my first victory come July 5th."

Camera zooms back to Alexis

Alexis Milan: "Wow I must say you are very confident that you will win this fight come July 5th, but Scott says he is going to beat you sensless and that you are not prepared for his ground and pound."

Camera pans back to Demarcus

Demarcus Jones: "What Scott doesn't understand and I hope he is watching is that I love fighting from my back. I'm well versed in BJJ and I can make him submit from any position when on the defense. If he wants to stand up and bang it out, we can I'm very comfortable from anywhere in the octagon and I will prove that July 5th. Scott just better be ready for fight and he better bring his A game."

Camera pans back to Alexis Milan

Alexis Milan: "Well from this end it looks like Demarcus is ready and Scott better look out. From Sherdog I'm Alexis Milan and we will see how this match will unfold come July 5th."

The camera fades out to a commercial clip of the upcoming Fight event July 5th...............
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Sherdog Interview
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